The learning hydrofoil is a good balance between a hydrofoil to give the first foiling steps, and a hydrofoil to reach higher speeds, lower upwind angles and maneouvering performance, once the rider acquires experience.  The rider will foil with a perfect balance between feet, a very high pitching stability even at low speeds and a moderate yaw & roll stability to guarantee a good compromise between maneouvering stability and performance.  The speed is high for the surface area of the glider and the upwind angle is very good, making this hydrofoil a comfortable option for long distance sailing. A very smooth foiling feeling.

Designed by Designed by Cape Horn Engineering. The competition hydrofoils has been designed by Rodrigo Azcueta, one of the most renowned America’s Cup designers. The main target of the design is to maximize the overall race VMG (Velocity Made Good). The VMG is the real speed the hydrofoils have between the race marks; upwind and downwind. We’ve pushed laminar profiles to it’s limits, reduced induced drag below competitor hydrofoils, making the most of the glider geometry to reach a good balance between stability and maneouvrability. 

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